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FineQA – Quality Assurance for translated content.
FineQA has been developed to support you with translation and localization processes. It automatically detects translation errors, thereby enabling the revision process to take place at a much quicker rate.

FineQA provides you with a comprehensive list of errors detecting inaccuracies involving such issues as spacing, punctuation, bracket usage, tab characters, capitalisation and missing or inaccurate number values whilst simultaneously running a spell check and terminology check. These are only just a few of the many features provided by FineQA.

What makes FineQA different from competition?

  • FineQA is a free software for private and commercial use
  • Easy to understand and intuitive interface helps save time on instructing and training your staff
  • Fast processing of large files and file batches
  • Spell-check running simultaneously
  • Terminology imported from XLS files
  • Can be used for checking of uncleaned DOC files that are translated with a CAT tool


FineQA is compatible with Trados SDLX, TXT, TMX, TTX, DOC/DOCX and XLS/XSLX formats. In addition to error detection and other quality assurance support, FineQA ensures the proper usage of terminology available in DICT and XLS/XLSX formats.


FineQA is a free software for private and commercial use.
Please note that we update our products on a regular basis.
To download the latest version, press Download button on this page. Install the new setup file to replace your existing version.