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An important element of translations involves taking account of the cultural and linguistic characteristics of the country for which a text is intended. The process of customising a text according to these characteristics is known as “localization”. Above all localization applies to aspects of content and style which could be considered incorrect or inappropriate in a different country, and so might lead to misunderstandings.

This means that in order to be successful in the international market, detailed knowledge of local conditions is needed. At least on the linguistic level, you have found the ideal partner in us, because we will ensure that your text is smoothly customised to these culture-specific characteristics so that you are guaranteed to strike the right note across all borders.

Successful localization primarily involves customising:

  • Metaphors and figures of speech
  • Colour symbolism
  • Date and time formats
  • Units of measurement and quantity
  • Any background knowledge which can not necessarily be assumed to exist.

With our native speaker translators mostly working in their respective countries, we can guarantee that your text will lose none of its expressiveness or precision in its intended target country.