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Quality Assurance

Linguistically and stylistically perfect translations are our highest priority. European quality standard DIN EN 15038 guidelines are the foundation for the high quality work our offices provide. Our project management involves:

  • Taking care of the preparation process
  • Drawing up a schedule
  • Coordinating the activities of all the project staff
  • Establishing a communications interface for everyone involved in the process, including the client
  • Instructing the translators
  • Instructing the proofreaders
  • Initiating further steps (such as DTP) where these are necessary and desired
  • Monitoring and control of the end product
  • Delivering the project
Our staff translate only into their native languages and have many years’ professional experience in their respective specialist areas. Our team includes accredited translators and members of internationally recognised translators’ and interpreters’ associations. Many of our staff members are sworn in by a court of law, which means that we are also qualified to produce certified document translations for you. We work closely with every single member of our team which ensures that your order will be handled promptly and reliably. Our quality assurance system guarantees that the end product undergoes a multi-stage correction and revision process before being passed on to you in the best possible quality.

Note for clients

To ensure that we handle your orders promptly, efficiently and accurately, any supporting information (such as details about your company, your area of business or the products described) is extremely important. This information helps our translators when preparing their work and gives them a better feel for what is appropriate in the text in terms of its style and content.

If you have already developed specific company terminology, then please send it to us with your documents for translation. Any type of reference material (e.g. glossaries or even previous translations in a similar area) helps us to fine-tune our translation to linguistic perfection for your company.

Please also provide us with details of the following:

  1. the desired language combination (e.g. German > British or American English)
  2. the country intended for the translation (e.g. English: Canada or the USA)
  3. whether the translation needs to be certified (e.g. for submission to authorities)
  4. the specific purpose (e.g. marketing or internal purposes)
  5. any formatting and conversion requirements
  6. contact(s) for any queries about the contents
  7. the format in which the end product needs to be delivered.