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Website Localization

Through a full range of website localization services, Tilti Systems helps its clients succeed in the global market by adapting their website into any language. Our process ensures that the final product is linguistically, functionally and culturally flawless.

Website localization involves separate and distinct workflows for the adaptation of the resource and content files as well as graphics, rich media, images, icons and client and server side-scripts. These separate processes must be coordinated in order to ensure the maximum cost-effectiveness, reduced time-to-market, and finest consistency of the end-product.

We use the best practices and the latest technology to facilitate, and when possible, automate, all stages of the localization process. From the initial identification and extraction of localizable elements into translatable format to the re-engineering and testing of all translated versions, quality is built into each step of the process.

Our engineering process includes extensive localization quality assurance procedures. All website localization projects are completed within a consistent, quality-centred approach. Quality and workflow processes can be easily adapted to integrate with existing client-side infrastructure and systems. During all stages of the localization project, our project management and localization teams control each aspect of the process in accordance with our quality assurance procedures. The result is nothing less than a state-of-the-art website in terms of linguistic excellence and functionality.