The Across Language Server offers innovative translation technologies with workflow solutions. In order to ensure a flawless procedure of our translation processes and a consistent quality, among other things, we also use the Across Language Server tool. By effectively merging different work processes, smooth deliveries, as well as transparent processes and interfaces, our entire team of translators is optimally supported. Thus, we save costs and valuable time with respect to your translation process.

A central platform – effective translation processes

Thanks to the Across Language Server, we reduce complex processes while working on your translation. With the aid of such powerful tools, we break down barriers and continuously optimize our internal processes.

Our project team works independently and centrally on this platform without any restrictions with respect to file formats. Our worldwide interconnected translators also work with this tool, allowing us to completely merge all progress and translation phases – for an optimal, transparent workflow and perfect teamwork.

The Across Language Server guarantees a consistent work basis for our project managers, specialist translators, editors and proofreaders and for all employees in our company included in the process. Thanks to the integrated terminology database (translation memory), this tool secures your recurring terminology. Other functions such as reports and analysis contribute to easier day-to-day work for our translators and project managers, and optimize our procedures.

Advantages in the translation process

  • Shorter translation phases
  • Effective and transparent processes
  • Increasing quality requirements
  • Processing of different file formats
  • Centralization and automation
  • Central translation basis
  • Seamless processes and optimal procedures
  • Open interfaces for the integration of your systems
  • Supports almost all languages and usual file formats

Quality management

In addition to spelling and terminology verifications, a second proofreading, as well as the four-eye principle are substantial measures of our quality management. Since all our translations are proofread by an editor or a second native speaker, these processes are also optimized with the aid of the Across Language Server tool – and this across all locations. All language experts involved can post individual comments or make edits provided they are equipped with the respective rights. Thus, location-independent edits and effective correction phases not only result in a shorter revision time but also in a consistent quality.

Process optimization and terminology

As a translation service provider, we centrally manage and coordinate your translations within a strong network of globally operating language experts. In order to internally coordinate the challenges of each project, we work with highly efficient tools, such as Across. We can thus effectively automate manual steps, such as administrative tasks and documentations. Moreover, we guarantee you a simple and secure project execution.

The translation memory saves recurring words and phrases in a central database and automatically suggests them in the case of further translations. Thus, we secure your terminology and ultimately the corporate identity of your communication.

Quality & reliability are our forte

Trust in us – a strong partner for your translation projects. With us, utmost linguistic quality and your complete satisfaction come first. Contact us quickly and simply with our request form. Should you need further information or wish to be individually advised, our team is readily at your disposal via telephone.

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Since 2008, Tilti has been our reliable partner with respect to legal specialized translations. No matter whether criminal records, stock option plans or court decisions are concerned, the translations are always accurate and provided within the stipulated deadlines. The same also applies to certified translations.

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Working for Tilti means interesting challenges, high responsibility in decision making, which often requires thinking outside the box and immediate reaction. And, above all, a young, international, friendly and fun team one can only dream to be a part of!

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