MemoQ is one of our CAT tools (computer assisted translation). It has its own user interface and facilitates database-supported translations. The use of this tool is by no means comparable to machine translation. Our translators exclusively use all auxiliary tools sensibly, consciously and subject to the translation project.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Project automation: Automation of administrative project tasks. With lean processes, we not only minimize our effort but also your cost.
  • Project overview: We efficiently monitor, coordinate and control the progress of your translation project..
  • Comprehensive reviews: Despite our global network, our translators and editors are transparently included in all phases – to ensure increased time saving during all corrections..
  • File formats: MemoQ can, among other things, process the following formats: MS Office files, XLIFF, ttx, sdlxliff, text, XML, HTML, OpenOffice, Java (*.properties), Windows NET (*.resx), TXML (Wordfast), Adobe InDesign, Adobe Framemaker, AuthorIT, Typo 3, MS Visio.
  • Terminology management: Thanks to integrated terminology databases, during the translation, MemoQ automatically suggests recurring phrases or identical specialized terms.
  • Quality management: Using MemoQ, our translators check all content with respect to the use of terminology, formatting or misspellings through spellcheckers and format corrections.

Comprehensive localizations

Due to an increasing globalization, the multilingual availability of a software or website is a decisive factor for the success of your product. Software products and websites have very special features resulting in conventional translation being stretched to its limits. In addition to spellchecking and terminology management, MemoQ also helps us with checking text lengths, placeholder text, overlapping, control characters and hidden text. Therefore, the challenges of a localization are no problem to us.

When using this tool, we extract the text of your software or website and subsequently export the translations directly back to the source medium. Thus, all processes of the translation and localization are efficiently implemented. Hence, we are in the position to not only implement your project at the highest linguistic level but also quickly and in compliance with your deadlines.


Quality management through automated processes

Since the quality of the translations is of the utmost priority to us, we also use the MemoQ functions to monitor and improve our results. Our experienced localization experts work in compliance with precise quality management guidelines and provisions. We sustainably automatize our processes with this tool, as well as improve communication – both internally and externally.

Your strong partner for convincing results

Are you in need of top-quality translation and localization services with professional and convincing results? From the translation of the user interface and the localization of all graphics through to the adaptation of the web applications and extensive function tests, we will stand by your side with our experience, efficient tools and native specialist translators.

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