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Do your customers in Germany actually search for the same terms or keywords as for instance in the USA or in China? In order to find out, we will together use the linguistic possibilities of SEO translation and thus efficiently increase your online presence.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to a successful online presence. Both on your home market and in the target countries of your available languages, the target-oriented use of your keywords plays an important role. Thus, you also want the search engines of your international customers to target you. We help you reliably and provide you with a search engine optimized translation of your website content.


Optimized content with added value

The number of people who increasingly shop online is growing steadily and in order to be successful in the world of the World Wide Web, you need to make your website multilingually available. However, it is not sufficient to conventionally translate the content, but you also need to recognize the local SEO conditions and use them accordingly. Thus, the important keywords in your SEO translation in your respective target country are not always the same. In order to make your website content available regionally as well as nationally and make it relevant for international search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, etc., we translate your texts and simultaneously optimize them for search engines. Hence, your SEO visibility will increase and you will always reach your target group.

Optimal use of global networking

Most internet users and online shoppers prefer to purchase their products in their own native language. As a company, you can thereby increase trust and break down comprehension barriers. However, in order for your target group to find you across regions and across borders, your website needs to comply with some SEO guidelines. Our specialist translators and SEO experts implement these measures for you in more than 50 world languages. Irrespective of whether website content, keyword translation and analysis or the adaptation of your metadata is concerned. Our team of native translators, online marketing managers, editors, terminology experts and project managers is more than familiar with the peculiarities and local circumstances of your target country and always strives to optimize your search engine positioning and thus your online presence.

Overview of our services in the field of SEO translation

  • Keyword analysis
  • Use of natural phrases
  • Optimized keyword density
  • Adaptation of all main headings and subheadings
  • Synonyms of main and sub-keywords
  • Natural wording for optimal legibility
  • Adaptation of metadata taking into consideration the number of characters

In addition to the target-oriented translation, the SEO translation process also includes taking into account the structure of the text and the keyword density (WDF*IDF), a localization of your website by aligning the target countryโ€™s cultural and linguistic particularities, as well as an individual and target-oriented keyword analysis. All translations are accurately checked by a second native speaker and our quality management โ€“ for results that give your website a global top-positioning.

Furthermore, we can also support you with respect to planning and implementing multilingual advertising campaigns, e.g. Google Adwords.

Do not hesitate and give your website the international attention it deserves. Please use our request form for an initial contact. Since every website has different requirements, we will gladly advise you individually and free of charge on your SEO translation.



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Customers about us

Since the beginning of our cooperation in 2011, Tilti has been translating ISO certificates, checklists or auditreports into more than 40 different languages for us, including Hebrew, Basque and Catalan. We can always rely on a punctual and qualitatively flawless delivery.

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We about ourselves

As project manager at Tilti, I am directly in contact with our clients and translators from all over the world, which makes my work very diversified and exciting. Our team is also multicultural and we are in constant contact โ€“ across the various office locations and national borders. I really appreciate that aspect of the company.

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