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Do you need document translation services and are looking for experts with the necessary know-how to transfer subject-specific terminologies into another language? Do you need that translation to be certified? Then, we are the right partner for you. Our product portfolio comprises the entire spectrum of document translations – from the initial consultation up to the delivery and your 100% satisfaction.

Official and legal documents require a certified translation if such translation is officially required in court or by a public authority. Our worldwide network of qualified specialist translators consists largely of sworn translators, who translate your documents into more than 50 languages in various fields of competencies.

Usual translation documents

Our services include the translation of all kinds of documents which you need to be transferred into another language.

  • Legal documents: affidavits, legal texts, evidence based documents, powers of attorney, summonses and lawsuits, etc.
  • Official documents: certificates (including birth, marriage, as well as divorce certificates), credentials, certificates and other official documents.
  • Technical and economical documents: contracts, insolvency documents, commercial requirements, patent documents, financial documents, etc.
  • Medical documents: letters, medical certificates, patient documentations and patient’s personal directives, etc.

Each document has its own processing and translation challenges and guidelines. Moreover, different international requirements increase the complexity of the translation process. A high integrity and traceability of the documents requires consistent quality and profound insight into the official and legal provisions of the target country. Thus, a language specific and fundamental knowledge are essential to ensure a technically and factually correct translation with respect to processing official documents.
Thanks to perfect language skills and technical knowledge, our native speakers provide for top-quality translations – which we can also provide as a certified translation.

The translation of your documents into a variety of different languages

Due to the increasing global intercommunication, for a long time now many of our activities go beyond national borders. Irrespective of whether for economic purposes in internationally active companies, the validity of private documents abroad or medical documents for international use – we need a wide range of linguistically flexible documents and content – no matter whether privately or professionally.

In addition to translations into English, there is an increasing demand for Asian, Kurdish and further African and Eastern European language services. We offer you a technically competent translation service into more than 50 languages.

The top 5 most translated languages:

  • English (UK)
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish

Moreover, we also regularly translate more challenging languages, such as Chinese or right-to-left languages, as well as Scandinavian and Slavic languages.

We guarantee you complete satisfaction. See for yourself and use our document translation services. Please use our request form to contact us – for quick and convincing results.

Translation Process

We provide you with fast and reliable high-quality specialized translations. With Tilti Multilingual, you will reach your goal in just 5 steps.

Please simply use our request form to receive a first quote and let us know from which language into which language you need a translation. Upload the file and please don’t forget to provide your data to enable us to contact you as quickly as possible. We exclusively work via a secure server – you do not need to worry about the security of your documents and data.

Our team will process your request as quickly as possible. After a first viewing of the document, you will receive an estimate within one hour.

Directly following your approval, our translators start on the translation. We have a network of more than 3,000 native specialist translators. Thanks to the specialization in one of our 4 fields of competencies, which consist of engineering, medicine, computer science & tech, as well as finance & legal, you will always work with a specialist who is not only secure in the specialist terminology but is also familiar with the linguistic and cultural properties of the target language.

By using state-of-the-art tools, we ensure a consistent terminology across all of your projects. An important step towards ensuring your corporate identity.

Subsequent to the translation process, the result is once again thoroughly reviewed. In doing so, we work according to the “4-eye-principle” and in compliance with the ISO 9001 an ISO 17100 quality standards. Thus, we guarantee you flawless translations and complete satisfaction.

After the translation has been sufficiently reviewed and judged as flawless, you will receive the result via e-mail or, upon request, via post. Please just let us know the required output format and we will convert your documents and multimedia content accordingly.

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Customers about us

Since 2008, Tilti has been our reliable partner with respect to legal specialized translations. No matter whether criminal records, stock option plans or court decisions are concerned, the translations are always accurate and provided within the stipulated deadlines. The same also applies to certified translations.

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I am proud of our team – professional and devoted, always ready to go the extra mile to provide excellent performance. Striving for progress is our key to success – we advance by introducing new technologies and searching for tailored solutions!

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