SDL Trados is a translation software for computer assisted translations.

We use this versatile tool as additional support for translations, terminology management, as well as a smooth flow within the translation process. The use of SDL Trados is by no means to be confused with machine translations. It only serves for the implementation of consistent quality. As a conscious and professional language service provider, we use all our tools sensibly and can thus guarantee you a sustainable and efficient increase in our productivity and quality.

Translation memory tool & terminology

Thanks to the SDL software products, we comply with your terminology and thus provide for a coherent language style in all your translations. By ensuring recurring and mutually used terms and phrases in special databases, the correct technical terms are always used in all translations – for a consistent and professional corporate wording. SDL is a highly efficient tool which we also use as solution for our terminology management. Thanks to the integrated translation memory system (TMS), we can further reuse already translated texts in all your projects. Thereby, we not only improve the efficiency of our translation processes but also guarantee a consistent quality of your content.

Project management and transparent teamwork

SDL Trados Studio simplifies our internal processes thanks to innovative project management functions. Thus, we can also smoothly, transparently and comprehensively process large translation projects. All employees who are involved in the process always keep track of and are informed of the current status of your translation.

Our team of specialist translators can work fast, efficiently and prudently with this tool. Thanks to SDL Trados, the entire Tilti project team has the possibility to view translation memories, terminologies and other project specifications and use them accordingly for their translation. Moreover, the GroupShare function allows for real-time access on all updates und processing statuses and thus not only improves our productivity and consistency of the content but also our project management and in-house communication.

Translation software

In addition to an optimal team structure and an efficient project management, we also guarantee you high productivity to ensure quick project closures. We use the innovative and self-learning technology of SDL as support for our translations. Thanks to industry-specific and qualitative translation suggestions, our specialist translators are effectively supported in their work and hence save valuable time. We thus increase our productivity while complying with the highest quality requirements.

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Bei der Suche nach einem professionellen Übersetzungsbüro standen für uns die Übersetzungsqualität und die zuverlässige Projektbetreuung an erster Stelle.
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As project manager at Tilti, I am directly in contact with our clients and translators from all over the world, which makes my work very diversified and exciting. Our team is also multicultural and we are in constant contact – across the various office locations and national borders. I really appreciate that aspect of the company.

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