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Many studies prove that audiovisual messages are perceived and processed much more than mere text media. Therefore, many companies rely on the use of animations, audio files, video clips and infographics in order to successfully increase the effect of their content. Thus, as communication experts, the subtitling of your multimedia data is very important to us. Our language specialists diligently transfer your audiovisual content and thus ensure that your message can be experienced internationally.

Our performances for your subtitle translations

In addition to the professional conception and attractive subtitling, our scope of services also includes all details of the translation process – done by a team of competent language experts. Simple comprehensibility, good readability, appropriate paces and frequencies go without saying for us and good subtitles. Our experts implement this accordingly with a lot of sense of the language and technical know-how. This greatly improves the comprehension of the content. Texts, which are difficult to understand, unfamiliar terminologies or disturbing noises, etc. are no longer an impediment. We offer you:

  • Multilingual subtitling services in more than 50 world languages.
  • Localization of your content in order to transfer local requirements of the target country. Learn more about the topic of localization here.
  • Voiceover (synchronisation) makes your subtitles audible for your viewers with the aid of our voice experts.
  • Transcriptions, the transfer of audio or video content into written form. Our services include the preparation of a transcript of your audio-visual materials in a transcript with time code. This transcript then serves as the basis of a voiceover.

We offer you all-round professional subtitling in more than 50 languages. In addition to English (UK), French, German, Italian and Spanish, we also translate demanding languages, such as Chinese or right-to-left languages, such as Arabic and Hebrew. With respect to all multimedia translations, we guarantee you a native speaker and language expert from our worldwide network of 3,000 translators, who is culturally and socially connected to the target country and thus will apply the necessary feel for linguistic characteristics in the translation.

Strong localization for convincing results

Would you like to make your sophisticatedly produced multimedia content also available to international clients? Then, you should first professionally localize such content. With respect to localization, we do not only consider language and sentence lengths but also correct orthography, hyphenation and syllable division, formats and the conversion of currency and measuring units. Imageries and local circumstances, as well as provisions, which influence the comprehensibility and success of your multimedia data in the target country, are also taken into consideration. We can support you in translating your content consistently and in original quality by means of highly efficient localization tools.

We transport your message

Would you like to address your clients internationally and expand the effect of your multimedia data beyond language borders? Then, let us tackle your project together. Please contact us and find out how we can best realize your subtitling project. Please do not hesitate to use our request form to contact us.


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Customers about us

Seit über 5 Jahren führt Tilti medizintechnische Übersetzungen von Softwareprogrammen, Benutzerhandbüchern oder auch Untertiteln für uns durch. Wir schätzen die hohe Qualität der Ergebnisse sowie die unkomplizierte und speditive Projektabwicklung. Für unser Team vereinfacht es die Arbeit, dass wir bei Tilti eine fixe Ansprechpartnerin haben, die unsere individuellen Bedürfnisse gut kennt.


We about ourselves

Im Team herrscht immer eine positive Stimmung und Einstellung. Für Projekte mit wichtigen französischen Kunden verantwortlich zu sein, ist eine bereichernde Herausforderung für mich.

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